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Moon Rise Alchemy has launched!

Check out our licensed Vermont Cannabis business!

Where all of the ethics & passion of Moon Rise Botanicals,

meets the thriving world of the legal market

to bring you new & more potent Cannabis remedies

*No direct sales, for information purposes only

Self-love creates the foundation of everything good in life. We created this one for you - to love you! We want to change & illuminate the importance of showing oneself love first & foremost. 


- From Us, to You 

Pink Flowers Blossom

All You Need is Love, Plants & A little Chocolate

Botanical Offerings


We have something delicious for you!  

Spring in a bottle all year long!


Lilac Glycerite | $14


- From Us, to You 

Our Steady Clients Absolute Favorites


Aphrodisiac & Immunity
Chocolate Bars | Fat Bombs

Lifter CBD, Cocoa butter, Coconut Mana & Oil, Cacao, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Maca, Maple, Lions Mane & Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Deeper Intimacy, Deeper Care


Herbal Bath Salts

rejuvenating the body &  calming the mind
We offer several CBD infused bath salts, as well as herbal salt soaks to be used with a tea ball for optimal steeping


Herbal Dental Care

Remineralizing Herbal Tooth Brushing Powder 
Gum Health Oil Pull Blend

Botanical & Herbal Care

Reflections: Alchemy, Astrology & herbalism

Shifting the Paradigm: Co-Creating

The purpose of our work at Moon Rise Botanicals, is to create & hold space for the process of gentle curiosity about internal change to unfold

Send an inquiry about working together to reach your wellness goals


Tulsi & Ashwagandha 500mg CBD oil

Tulsi, CBD  & Ashwagandha are potent adaptogenic herbs,  meaning that they naturally enhance the body’s resilience & adaptation to change


Ashwagandha provides a long-term, sustainable source of energy, by supporting the adrenal glands from over-exertion & exhaustion. Read More:

Ashwagandha - Scientific Evaluation

Tulsi promotes well-being & resilience.

It has many excellent benefits: 


CBD is widely known to ease discomfort & tension,

while uplifting mood, lending to a balanced state of mind


Image by Svitlana
Image by Esteban Lopez

JUST AS nature intended


St Johns Wort.jpg

St. Johns Wort & Calendula Body Oil

Cancer New Moon, Aquarius Full Moon & Leo New Moon 21'


Wild Harvested VT St. Johns Wort flowers, Whole Mugwort PLant & Organic Calendula flowers slow heat infused into Organic Sunflower & Olive oils

It has been known for some time, that body oiling is the best way to reach the nervous system for deep nourishment


Tulsi Rose Glycerite

Locally grown Tulsi & Organically Grown Pink Rose buds & flowers from Starwest Botanicals | Leo New Moon 21'


When combined, the qualities of these herbal flowers create a divine synergy for protection, preventative wellness & heart nourishment

O Hawkweed.jpg

We pride ourselves on our small batches of hand-crafted oils, salves, balms, chocolates & Herbal Products. We use only organic, sustainably sourced ingredients & local Vermont grown & wild-harvested herbs. We strive for all of our herbs to be local, homegrown, dried & processed by hand. We use both wild-harvested & source from Foster Farm Botanicals, supporting a local VT herb farm


Body Oils & Skin Care 

Body oil is a highly effective way to feed the skin nutrients, to keep it healthy & vibrant. Not only is it crucial to maintain the beauty of the skin, it is also important to recognize the role it plays in our overall health. Being the largest organ of the body, as well as a gateway to the immune system, the skin needs proper nourishment. It has been proven that body oiling is the quickest & most deeply penetrating way to transport the beneficial properties of herbs into the body, especially to the nervous system. As mentioned above, CBD is widely known for its capacity to decrease discomfort and tension. It has also been known to uplift mood & relax


We infuse CBD with other herbs into oil, to create a delicious form of support for both specific and/or general areas of the body


We offer an array of luxuriously silky, smooth, aromatic body oils for both skin care & joint/muscle discomfort. We use only organic & natural ingredients, including cocoa butter, Coconut Oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil, local Vermont grown herbs, and essential oils. Our source of CBD uses all natural practices in growing and processing, providing a clean source of Cannabis


You can custom order an herbal oil blend with or without CBD, essential oil fragrance, and herbs from our small-batch apothecary, all locally grown & wild-harvested

Image by Anne Nygård
Gourmet Olive Oil
O Hawkweed.jpg

Bridging Body & Spirit:
Flower Essences

We are offering three flower essence blends to help bring harmony & balance into your everyday life

Lupine & Self Heal

Lends to retraining the energy pathways that

feed fear and anxiety, toward responses rooted in peace & gratitude

Orange Hawkweed:

helps to manage the flow of our creative energies in constructive ways

Heart Mending Blend:

Helpful for processing loss & transition

What is a flower essence & how does it work?

Flower essences were brought into the mainstream by pathologist and physician Edward Bach. He had a profound understanding of the power in supporting the body’s natural energetic rhythms, perceiving illness as an imbalance between the energetic body or higher self, and the physical body. He knew that we are much more than just our physical bodies. We are Energy itself, and our bodies are affected by our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. 


He was inspired to combine his knowledge of homeopathic medicine and the wonderful benefits of flowers, with the impact that emotions could have on a person’s health. Dr. Bach was far ahead of the curve, knowing that flowers had the power to remedy the energetic body, which could reduce physical diseases. Western medicine is just now beginning to see the link between emotions and diseases.

Naturally Simple


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