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A story of ALCHEMY


dis·cov·er·y / dəˈskəv(ə)rē

The action or process of discovering or being discovered

‘the discovery of the body’


About Tulsi

Tulsi is a Vermont native, born at home in Essex Junction. She studied herbalism at the VT Center for Integrative Herbalism & has achieved a Bachelors in Health & Alternative Wellness from Northern VT University. She has spent the past 10 years learning about, working with & growing herbs. Moon Rise Botanicals was established on the Spring Equinox in 2020, as a way to manifest her vision of sharing plant wisdom with the world.

The overarching goal of Moon Rise Botanicals is to provide people from all walks of life with education, 

guidance & high quality, organic herbal wellness support. Tulsi has turned to herbalism as a means to achieve balance and wellness in her own day-to-day life, and in turn has educated herself in order to share these ways with others. She believes that it is a birthright to reconnect to ones roots - to develop right relationship with the land of the Earth, with one's own physical body, and in turn ones spiritual nature. This wisdom allows one to rely upon the power of plants in times of challenge, to alleviate physical, spiritual & emotional stagnancy.

Tulsi intertwines her knowledge of astrology with the fundamental principles of herbalism, to create herbal remedies that are crafted in alignment with the moon cycles. This process infuses the remedies with the energy of the solar system as it is shifting, in turn making certain qualities of the plant more potent in their actions. You can learn more about this via The School of Evolutionary Herbalism: The Ancient Link Between Plants & Planets


About Jeff Kelly

Jeff is a dear friend & the Cannabis farmer who grew & processed all of the CBD that we've used in our products til present. We source our flower for our preroll's from Fragrant Reed.

In addition to providing a key ingredient in the products, Jeff has also played a major role in laying the foundation for Moon Rise Botanicals success, supporting Tulsi in her dream to follow & materialize her offering of these herbal remedies to the world.


We hold much Gratitude for him!


We will be working with Old Growth, High Altitude & Treetop Alliance

You can find our products in Winooski Organics, Magic Mann, Ratu's Cannabis Supply, Somewhere on the Mountain, Cambridge Cannabis Dispensary, Bern Gallery,

Higher Elevation, Lake Effect & Grass Queen

"Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained. a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Once this is recognized and applied to ones life, overcoming adversity becomes possible, allowing for the building of deep, long-lasting resiliency & joy"

Tulsi Erin

Our Test results


In layman's terms, these test results show that we use below the legal limit of THC within our CBD products. We update our test results for every new batch that we produce, keeping up with the standard protocols. We use a local lab that is trusted & highly recommended.



If you have any questions or special inquiries for custom orders, you're welcome to contact me directly or fill out this form. In addition to providing high-quality products to meet your wellness needs, we also offer guidance for lifestyle change, hawaiian lomi-lomi massage and reiki. Be in touch & we can form a wellness plan that works for your budget, your specific needs and your current pace.

Chelsea 'Tulsi' erin


Tel: 802-236-9192

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