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Client Reflections

We pride ourselves on transparency & the proof is in the feedback we receive from our clients 


marcie hernandez


burlington, vt

"Tulsi's unique oil was easy to use and provided me with a sense of natural calm and well-being. It's clear that she infuses her products with lots of love and care, and she is also wonderful to work with!"


Lindsay london

nurse & educator

amarillo, TX 

 "I love love love your products! The Tulsi Ashwagandha CBD Oil is very good! we have incorporated it into our daily routine. just yesterday my son was having an agitated evening and within 30 minutes of use he shifted into a much calmer and receptive state. Very supportive for day or night, both body and mental support. Love your blends!"

Richmond, VT


"I want to express my GRATITUDE for Tulsi's magical CBD capsules, balm and calming natural flower essence.


Nothing has worked for me as well as her products and I have been buying the most expensive CBD oil at the health food store which has practically no effect.


I have severe degenerative disc disease, Scoliosis and also severe Stenosis which has spread from the top of my neck to the bottom of my spine which they want to do major surgery on (No way); along with the vertebrae digging into the nerves and running down my leg for 2yrs.


On top of that lower back pain and a shot shoulder. I have received many steroid injections, taken gabapentin, huge amounts of double extra Strength Tylenol/Ibuprofen and a bunch of other things, BUT nothing has taken away the pain the way the capsules and balm have.


Add to that the calming effect of the flower essence, and it is a magical blessing! 


Thank you Tulsi for your caring, kindness, generosity and sweet spiritual vibes.  I look forward to seeing you at our farmers market"


Peg haas slagle

uvm nurse

burlington, vt

"The skin care and pain relief balm are delicious smelling and feeling. Beyond providing relief from my joint and muscle pains, I had itchy bumps that nothing would touch, but this balm completely cleared them within a week of using it. I highly recommend the lemon & lavender 1500mg balm".


"My oil arrived so quickly! I have already doused myself and I'm positively buzzing!! I immediately felt my third eye activate and I can feel my body pulsing. I feel embodied and connected to the ~  other side ~ I know I am divinely protected now. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous offering! My heart feels safe and relieved. So grateful for you!"

Shailer rose

magic shay oils

brattleboro, vt 

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