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Skin Care & Pain Balms | Natural Dental Care | Artisanal Herbal Bath Salts

Our Skin is one of the largest organs of the body

It is the barrier between our internal and external worlds. The integrity & health of it is CRITICAL to our overall wellness. We believe that when we tend to our skin, our whole body can feel it! We have some lovely options of creamy balms, to add to or begin your skin care routine. Guaranteed soft and luxurious skin, as well as relief from minor, chronic & Acute pain issues

Botanical Body Oils

CBD Skin & Pain Care

Herbal Bath Salts


We know you will absolutely LOVE our herbal bath salt soaks!

We hand craft our blends based on the benefits of the herbs and oils combined

Our intent is to add some magic to your relaxation and self care routine - Enjoy!

Herbal Oral Care

Remineralize, Replenish & Cleanse

With quality herbal ingredients, from trusted sources

Oral & Dental health is an essential aspect of overall well-being

We know how important it is to trust what you are putting on & in your body

When it comes to your dental care routine, we hold this as a priority.

We've found an incredible blend of herbs, powders and oils that not only will keep your mouth clean, but are known to assist with gum and tooth issues

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