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ROOT Extract: Ancient Alchemy | Spagyrics

Hey there loves! We're so excited to announce our newest creation, crafted using ancient Egyptian herbal medicine making techniques. We teamed up with a long time friend, owner of 'Garden of Grease' in Oregon to craft a small-batch Artisanal Live Ferment Extract.

Spagyric extractions are the original form of Alchemy, dating back to the time of Egyptian culture. This process allows for the extraction of the spirit of the plant through alcohol, as well as the minerals and salts of the plant, through calcination. This is the true way to capture all aspects of the plant, bringing a full trinity of healing forth to the body, as it is consumed for attaining balance, well-being and health.

We began this process on the Scorpio New Moon in November 2021. We started the process, by having a ceremonial fire. I opened the space for the fire, with tobacco ceremony, utilizing my hand carved wooden pipe and Hopi tobacco which I grew from seed. Within this tobacco ceremony, I shared some prayers asking for Great Spirit to be present in the making of this herbal creation, and for it's healing capacities to be amplified by the intention put into the process. I truly believe that the energy we bring to our creative processes, and to our lives, is what makes up the quality of our harvests. Creating ceremony around this process was a meaningful way to bring this depth into the process.

After building the fire, we burned down the dried Tahiti Guava Cannabis strain into ash, which took several hours. While it was going through the process of calcination, we hand plucked the fresh Blueberry Muffin Cannabis strain and placed it into the jar with the Organic sugar cane alcohol for the spirit extraction process to begin. After the calcination process was complete, we combined the ash (which contains the minerals and salts of the plant) and the alcohol extraction. This extraction was allowed to sit for 8 weeks, for full extraction capacity. The final process was then completed in Vermont, with yet another fire and tobacco ceremony. Important to mention, that the days before the process of making this beautiful medicine, Kush Kirk threw a two day wood-fired oven pizza party, providing an amazing and love filled gathering for all of his friends. What an amazing time and experience, on such a gorgeous farm. (See IG feed for videos of the spagyric process)

In the final step of the process to complete the Spagyric, a new friend & the owner of Green Mountain Mint (a VT based medical Cannabis company), assisted with holding a final fire ceremony to dry and calcinate the strained and pressed cannabis that was used for the extraction process. I opened the space again, and offer prayers of peace, protection and the greatest healing to unfold from the creation of this medicine. Once the calcination process was complete, we combined the extraction with the second round of ash.

The spagyric was sent to MCR labs in Massachusetts for testing, and upon receiving the test results we discovered that this creation has a very unique and rich terpene profile. The capacity that this live ferment has is potent, and well-rounded.

ROOT Extract: Terpene Profile

CARENE | an anti-inflammatory to help treat chronic pain

DELTA 3 CARENE | Combats inflammation, repairs diseased and damaged bones and is said to promote mental focus and concentration

OCIMEME | Anti-oxidative properties as well as the ability to inhibit key enzymes connected to type 2 diabetes and hypertension. suppress the production of several different inflammatory substances emitted by the immune system

HUMULENE | Effective anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and appetite suppressant

PINENE | Anti-inflammatory/anxiety, pain relief, may help combat short-term memory impairment associated with THC consumption bronchodilator (opens airways)

LIMONENE | Inhibits cancer cells growth; lung and brain, elevated mood, stress relief, anti-fungal properties, antibacterial properties, may help relieve heartburn and gastric reflux, improves absorption of other terpenes and chemicals by way of the skin, mucous membranes, and digestive tract

CARYOPHYLLENE | Potential to reduce alcohol intake, making this terpene a possible treatment for addiction, anti-oxidant/inflammatory properties, therapy for IBS, may be able to treat anxiety/depression, may help with longevity of lifespan by reducing gene stress

CIS-NEROLIDOL | Enhances drug delivery through the skin, reduces anxiety/sedative, anti-microbial/parasitic, anti-oxidant, pain-relieving properties

TRANS-NEROLIDOL | Inhibits growth of leishmaniasis, anti-parasitic/fungal/microbial

We are so excited to have created such a powerful offering through the Cannabis plant, and with such a talented Oregon craft/organic grower and hash-maker. And to have been graced by the hands of another incredible VT grower, for the final steps of the process, unfolded so divinely. What a blessing! And now to be sharing this Alchemical creation with the world, is an honor.

We intend to continue sharing both education about the science of Cannabis, of Alchemy and of alternative approaches to true well-being. We are most interested in helping folks to understand which terpenes are best for their individual needs, and we can't wait to share the education as time goes on. For more information about how to access this Spagyric, reach out! We have a limited supply and intend to do a final drop (by donation only) at the upcoming Vermontijuana Seed Swap on April 23-24th.

*We will be making more spagyrics as the seasons allow, but it is a timely process so each batch will be a limited quantity drop. Each will be a collaboration with several unique, small batch, Organic OR & VT growers*

With Love


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