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Moon Rise Botanicals Autumn Reflections | October 2022

Hello friends!

To start, we're hopeful that you all had an amazing summer & are excited about the Autumn vibe that's been slowly unfolding! We have taken an extended break from our monthly newsletter & blog, to stay tuned in with some big projects that were in development from June to September. We hope that you're excited to reconnect and tune in, to learn more about what we have been and will be up to during this last stretch of 2022.

We are stoked to share that the major event that we put on, to celebrate our 3rd birthday as a business, as well as Tulsi's 33rd birthday was a hit! It was a very successful catered farm-to-table dinner, prepared by Tulsi & served with the help of many sweet ladies ~ Gracie, Angel, Lyssette, Bessie & Jenn, accompanied by two intimate acoustic sets with Cole Davidson opening for Mihali (of VT's Twiddle). Immediately after the dinner, was a full a concert with many sponsors from our small Cannabis community: Winooski Organics, High Brix Cannabis, Forbins Finest, Higher Elevation, The Cannabis Collective and Florist Hawaii. Cole Davidson also started off the main show, followed by a performance from Shaun Glenn, and then Tulsi (with guitar accompaniment by SG) opened for Mihali solo.

The event was seamless, had an amazing vibe of positivity and provided an a great platform for networking, connection and was truly a production of pure joy! We feel very blessed to have had the support of all of these lovely small businesses, our favorite musicians, and the many beautiful attendees - we were so happy to have been able to show them how we like to party. Big gratitude and shout out to each of those who were involved!

Autumnal Offering:

Womens Womb Balance

We are excited to share a new product with you all! 'Womens Womb Balance', is an oil that helps with balancing hormone levels, while tonifying the reproductive system. We have a limited availability of these, from a small batch, which you can request directly via email:

Womens Womb Balance Oil

Rose Petals - Tonifying,

heart nourishing & high in antioxidants

Red Clover - Liver cleansing and tonifying

Red Raspberry Lf. - Tonifying and strengthening for the uterus

Ashwagandha - Helps to balance the adrenal glands, lowers blood sugar & helps to alleviate anxiety and tension

Tulsi (Holy Basil) - Natural analgesic (pain relief), balances blood sugar/pressure, is an anti-carcinogenic and provides relief from anxiety/depression and mood swings

We are also doing a sliding-scale story sale, of oils and tinctures, to honor the energy of releasing during this Scorpio New Moon and Lunar Eclipse period.

To tune into our offerings, check out our instagram page: @moonrisebotanicals

You'll find an array of beautiful, small batch drops available over the next week, with details of the health benefits of each offering included. We will not be listing these on our website, so if you do not use Instagram and are interested, please feel free to also reach out via email with any questions - we can share the details of this release there!

Scorpio New Moon & Lunar Eclipse

We are excited to get back into a rhythm with our blog and newsletter offerings, as the slower seasons unfolds. We are still going to be very busy, so it won't be as frequent, but we intend to share as often as we are able. These educational and informative offerings will include as we always have, detailed info. on the astrology and herbal allies best suited for the energies at hand, as well as detailed information that's more tangible for those who are not interested in astrology. Meaning, herbal remedies and their health benefits simplified, our herbal offerings and ways to connect to learn more.

We thank you for your continued support & look forward to evolving with you!

In Love & with Balance in mind,

Moon Rise Botanicals

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