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Sagittarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse: Winter Product Line & Moon Phase Reflections

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Happy New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius Loves!

We have a lot to share for this moon cycle. We are releasing EIGHT new products for you, and have provided a depth of reflection below on what to expect from this cycle as well as how to best tend to your health & bodies needs!

Sagittarian Offering:Winter LINe

Herbal bath salt soaks & Oral Care

We are SO excited to offer these new products that we are in LOVE with & are proud to be adding to our product line on the New Moon! We have crafted several LOVELY herbal bath salt soak blends:

(Click link above to view & Order)

Calendula is known to be AMAZING for skin care. Rose is good for calming the heart and mind. Tulsi has SO many benefits for the body, one of many being its antimicrobial properties. Himalayan & Epsom salts are good for replenishing the organ systems and helping to relieve muscle aches/pains

See all of our 'Herbal Bath Salt Soak' blends: Body Care

You can also add Aztec Bentonite Clay &/or CBD to any bath salt!

We are also very excited to announce our new Herbal Oral Care products! We are releasing a 'Remineralizing Tooth Powder' and a 'Gum Health Pulling Oil'. Our oral care products are made with only organic ingredients, sourced mindfully & are combined with love!

Bentonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Cinnamon Powder & Neem Oil

Our tooth powder assists to remineralize, replenish & cleanse the mouth/teeth. This is an age-old recipe, each herb playing a unique role in revitalizing the integrity of your teeth

Black Cumin Seed Oil, Neem Oil & Clove E.O.

Oil pulling is an ancient and well-known way to provide utmost care for one's gum health and integral overall oral care. We have crafted this blend with preventative and restorative care in mind

We are taking a limited number of orders for these products.

You can visit the 'Sensual' section to order or send us an email at to reserve yours.

We have a strong feeling these will go quickly,

with the approaching holiday season!

Sagittarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse: New Belief Systems, Trusting Intuitive Guidance

The sign of Sagittarius is known for the positivity of optimism, beliefs and adventurousness. This Eclipse and new moon both in Sagittarius on December 4th, are a powerful combination - bringing awareness deep within the mind, to illuminate ones inner world, and from one's center, trust the intuition that arises. New ways of knowing and new belief systems are possible, if you can open to them. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarian energy tends towards an excessive and over-active nature - it is really important to tame this now, and remain grounded. During the whole month following the new moon & total solar eclipse, focusing energy intently in a discerning way, will be necessary.

Solar Eclipses are alike to portals in time - they bring foth new states of consciousness, lending to events unfolding that shift and transform our lives for the better. It's all about stepping forward on ones path of evolution, and this is the signification of a new chapter of this process beginning. From May 2020 until this Eclipse, we have been in an eclipse cycle with the energies of Sagittarius and Gemini, in addition to the Sag-Gem South Node-North Node Axis, lending to a potent year and a half of massive changes, karmic cycles being worked through to an end, and this upcoming eclipse is the end of that cycle.

Sagittarius: The Centaur | Truth-Seeking, Philosophy & Wisdom

Collage Image by Tulsi | The Archer in a Mystical land of the Mind. Amber fish swimming into the reflection of the Solar Eclipse & Jupiter, the planet of Expansion & Abundance. Sage and Calendula sit nearby as plant allies.

Element | Fire Mode | Mutable Guardian Planet | Jupiter

Direction | North Season | Early Winter Solar Gemstone | Amber

Body Systems Associated with Sagittarius | Hips, buttocks, thighs, lower spine, sciatic nerve and liver. The autonomic nervous system, systems of growth/preservation, locomotion, power of reasoning, stimuli response (relations between the endocrine & nervous system) and the cerebrum (especially the left hemisphere.

Common Imbalances | Lower back problems, hip injuries, liver and lung diseases. Diseases caused by accidents/falls, brain injuries, locomotor disorders, pain/injuries brought on by recklessness, gout, fistulas, appendicitis, rheumatism, sciatica, and bruises/inflammation of the muscles. Overconsumption; eating, ideas and experiences. Behavior issues involve acting condescending, overly-opinionated, tactless, irresponsible, extravagant, and acting self-righteous.

Sagittarius Herbs to Restore Balance | Yellow Dock, Willow, Sage, Calendula, Meadowsweet, Dandelion, Lemon Balm, Burdock, Lavender, Peach Leaf and Arnica. Anti-inflammatory and moistening herbs, liver tonics, and topical trauma herbs.

Herbal Remedy Offering: Sagittarius | We have a lovely calendula oil for skin health/care, and a very limited amount of yellow dock tincture steeped in Organic VT made vodka. Send us an email if any of these are calling to you, and we will take care of you!

Flower Essences | Agrimony, Vine, Cerato, Vervain, Scleranthus and Sweet Pea

Wellness Practices for Sagittarius & Those with Sagittarius Dominant Charts

  • Tending to liver health; moderation in eating, activities and substance intake habits

  • Adopting a spiritual practice for mindfulness; supporting to brain health

  • Learning and practicing non-violent communication skills

  • Dedicating time weekly, if not daily, to being out in the wild

  • Practices to honor ones creativity and manifestation of success financially

  • Dancing; music events

  • Metaphysical studies

An important thing to remember during this cycle - new moon solar eclipses are a POWERFUL time for manifestation. Energy is drawn towards us, creating a magnet to our energy field/auric sphere, to bring us what we need to move beyond where we have been. If you end up feeling a need for guidance or any herbal support, please reach out to us! We're here to support you and your process.


Stay tuned via our Instagram page for shop updates if you decide you want to order more. We're holding so much gratitude for our regular and loving customers for your continued support, and we look forward to helping you to feel solace in your self-care practices! Enjoy this wave of Jupiterian abundance & time for deep self-care practice!

With Love



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