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Lupine & Self Heal Flower Essence


This essence blend retrains the energy pathways that feed fear, toward responses rooted in peace & gratitude, and supports ones innate capacity for creating an environment of wellness and balance within.


Lupine is powerful for when "reflexive" emotions like fear, anxiety and panic take hold, and when sensory inputs like smell, sight, sound, touch or physical location trigger emotionally charged memories. Lupine Flower Essence can be helpful for worry, obsessive thinking, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder. It supports the process of learning to interrupt a reaction before it can take hold and retrains the neural pathways toward peace and gratitude as an initial response.


Self Heal essence cuts through any erroneous ideas we may have about our limitations to help us grasp the truth of our innate power to take individual health into ones hands.


None of these statements have been approved by the FDA*


Ingredients: Lupine & Self Heal essence infused into fresh VT spring water, organic white vinegar and VT spring water.

Lupine & Self Heal


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