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Virgo New Moon: Digestion | Ancestral Trauma & Plant Allies

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The Virgo New Moon coming up carries two very different forms of energy - a lighter, adventurous one, and one of the nature of a deeper vein of introspection and reflection. The type of reflective vibes we will be experiencing are in alignment with generational and ancestral wounds/trauma. There is a lot of support for reflecting upon and heal from habits, belief systems, and patterns of perspective from influences that no longer serve us.

Generational and ancestral trauma refers to inherited energies from our blood and soul family lines. The lighter energy of this new moon cycle, will help to guide us through this healing process, to guide us through our processing of what arises, in a way that is easy to release. The relationship that this has to digestion is in the alignment with the sign of Virgo, which when imbalanced leads to a wide array of health issues related to the digestive system. Below, we will share in detail the elemental, herbal and energetic influences that Virgo carries, along with some reflections upon the process of ancestral healing, and some offerings we have to assist and create an herbal ally ship for this work unfolding.

Virgo: The Maiden - Practical, Organized & Disciplined

Virgo is known for its qualities associated with practicality, discernment, organization, analytical pursuits, discipline, health-conscientiousness, and efficiency in action

Image: Mercurial Ancestral Release by Tulsi | The 'Maiden Virgo' embracing Mercury, balancing on mountaintops of Moss Agate with Fennel as a nearby herbal ally.

Element: Earth | Mode: Mutable | Guardian Planet: Mercury | Direction: West

Season: Autumn | Solar Gemstone: Moss Agate

Body Systems Associated with Virgo: The abdomen, intestines, spleen, pancreas, diaphragm, part of the liver, and the alimentary canal. The 'Gut brain' and it's intelligence; the chemical cascade/microbiome's impact on the function of the mind. The nervous system, processes of absorption and assimilation (enzymes)

Common Imbalances: Constipation, diarrhea and indigestion. Malnutrition, colic, intestinal weakness, ulcers and acid reflux; IBS, diverticulitis, and hernia's. Intestinal worms/parasites. Depression and anxiety; nervous stomach from emotional imbalance. Dysfunctional liver, and pancreatic disease. Diabetic conditions, and thymus/immune dysfunction

Virgo Herbs to Restore Balance: Fennel, licorice, anise, lavender, peppermint, skullcap, thyme and bee balm

Herbal Remedy Offering: Emotional balance tonics (Lavender & Chamomile or Skullcap), Sedative tonics (Valerian &/or Lemon Balm), Digestive tonics (Dill, Milky Oats &/or Aloe Vera) & our 'Ancestral Healing: Lupine & Self-Heal' Flower Essence Blend

Flower Essence: Pine, Yarrow & Lemon Balm

Wellness Practices for Virgo

  • Creating new healthy habits

  • Creating functional systems of change/well-being

  • Developing discernment

Ancestral Healing: Digging Up, Releasing & Plant Allies

Ancestral healing work is challenging, yet the deepest form of self love - a true way towards finding balance & stability, within ones life. The potential to create a new life, full of new patterns & the capacity to step onto a new timeline, becomes possible from opening up to this work.

The purpose of this work is to identify and heal unresolved traumas that are passed down through our lineages. This innately has a ripple effect on past and future ancestors. The energy that runs through one's maternal bloodline from one's ancient ancestors, is responsible for YOUR life force being manifested into this current timeline. Reconnecting with it will provide a renewed sense of life force, vitality and purpose.

There is no 'right way' to approach this work - it does however help ones process, to have a sense of open curiosity, the willingness to look at/sit with what arises, and let it go. This can be a lifelong journey for some, yet just a series of emotional processing/releases for others. Having ones intention set upon the desire to heal & transform the energies specific to their own bloodlines, and space to pause for moments of reflection, are the basic constructs that make up the blueprint for ancestral healing. A very important and fundamental lesson I have learned from my own healing journey, is the way of right relationship - from my Cherokee lineage, I have learned that to be in right relationship one must hold reverence for all aspects of life; to lay down judgement, anger and blame, to respect and forgive all, and to not wish ill upon or speak down upon others. Rather, to stand in resilience in prayer, wishing for the deepest healing for all beings.

For this Virgo New Moon, we are happy to offer 10% off of any one of the tonics listed above, as well as our 'Ancestral Balance: Lupine & Self-Heal' Flower Essence Blend. To read more about our flower essence blends, check out our blog post on the Leo New Moon. You can receive this discount by sending an email to with the request of your specific single flower essence, tincture, body oil or blend, and mention of the coupon code 'Virgomoon2021'

Stay tuned for more delicious herbal remedies coming soon! We will be starting a Fennel glycerine today & processing an Ashwagandha tincture soon.

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