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The Beginning: Phases & Cycles

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Moon Rise Botanicals is the birthing of a dream manifest, from the conjoining of forces of love. An herbalist and a cannabis farmer met, serendipitously on the farm where the exploration of working with the Cannabis plant truly began for both of them. Their meeting was several years after this, though. What sprang forth from this fated meeting, is the pure essence that is now Moon Rise Botanicals - a small, local Vermont herbal oil business, with the mission of crafting clean, organic, and small-batch herbal creations with the highest quality local ingredients, while remaining accessible to those who need it most but otherwise may not be able to afford it.

Cannabis has a lengthy history, both in our personal lives and in American culture. It has long been deemed a plant to be concerned about - classified as a drug - rather than as the incredible tool for well-being, that it is now being recognized as. Now that it is legal and in the mainstream realm, it is being recognized widely for its many benefits to human health. Cannabis is a master plant - a tool that works on a variety of levels, but if used inappropriately (as with any plant) can have negative consequence. We have personally experienced the power of this plant, in both regards. It is from a place of deep reverence, wisdom, first-hand experience and educational study, that we have chosen to embark upon the path of sharing this herbal remedies truth. We will do this through the means of one-on-one conversations, resources for education & directly through the products that we offer. This also applies to each of the other herbal plants that we choose to include in our apothecary of offerings.


I am Tulsi & it's a pleasure to meet you. I will be the primary writer of this blog and am the aesthetic creator of Moon Rise Botanical's web presence. I holds a Bachelors Degree in Health & Alternative Wellness from Northern Vermont University. During my studies, I chose to focus intently upon alternative methods of healing, ranging from Psychology, Reiki, Hawaiian Lomi Massage, breathwork and Kahi Loa bodywork, to art therapy, music therapy and nutrition. I am a certified Hawaiian Lomi Massage & Kahi Loa practitioner and have completed the Roots Apprenticeship at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, with the intention of completing the program at some point in the future.

I've been actively studying herbalism and astrology academically, whilst working directly with folk herbal remedy making practices for the past five years. The herbal remedy making practice that I follow revolves around the Equinox, Solstice & New/Full Moon cycles, and I do fully intend

to weave the teachings of astrology and plant spirit communication, into our offerings in the future. Beyond this work with herbalism, I also weaves beauty into physical form through the profession of photography which I've been building upon for the past decade, and through the artisanal crafting mediums of leather and jewelry. You can view some of my creations here: &

Jeff Kelly, the hemp farmer who put all of the energy, love and attention into the Cannabis that is within our products, plays a very special role in the creation of Moon Rise Botanicals. He brought forth a clear path for this vision to become a reality - from his constant support and encouragement, to jumpstarting the basic needs of the business financially - from the beginning, he has offered a balanced perspective and logical approach to the birth of this company. Jeff holds a Bachelors Degree in Ecological Agriculture from the University of Vermont, and since completing his education has launched several projects working alongside others to bring clean, organically grown Cannabis into production for consumers locally in Vermont. Beyond his growing knowledge and expertise, as a dear love of mine, he has truly inspired me to make this vision which I carried long before our meeting, into a reality. He helped me to choose the name, provided the art that inspired the formation of the logo and assisted me in finding the courage that I needed to move forward in sharing my gifts with the world in the form of becoming a small business owner - something that I had feared, but knew deep down was a part of my path. One of the most ironic parts of our story, is that shortly after meeting we made the connection that the strain that I had used in my oils had been grown by him! This CBD was the first batch that I had ever used to make products, and was several years before I considered turning it into a business.

There is much more to the story, but I'll leave it here for now! To learn more about us, follow the tab that says 'About' on the homepage. This coming Spring, we will be posting to the blog more frequently, sharing more tid-bits about our business story, recipes for practicing food-as-medicine, lifestyle choices, educational reflections/resources and inspirations that come through in the realm of all things astrology, herbalism & spirituality. If you're feeling eager to read more about my wellness journey, you can check out my previous blog posts on my photography website via the link shared above.

Enjoy, and goodbye for now.

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