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Taurus Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse: Grounded, Stable & Evolving Relationships

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Hey there sweet loves! I've just returned from a hiatus to the western side of the US, spanning from Oregon to the desert lands of Arizona, and back to Vermont. During that time, I traversed many moments of the Scorpio season in full trust to receive the lessons coming in for expansion and deepening on this path towards full well-being.

There were some deeply integrated lessons in the way of boundaries, speaking to one's needs, and recognition of the respect for the differences between 'self' and other. I am deeply excited to share this wisdom through my body-based health practices with bodywork, breath work and wellness offerings that I will be sharing with the community in the seasons to come!

As the owner of Moon Rise Botanicals, it is with great pleasure that I announce a few new offerings & shifts for the vision of this business! I will be opening my sanctuary space up to offer the following, at both a fixed rate & sliding scale cost:

  • Lomi Ha Hawaiian Breathwork Sessions 90mins

  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Heartworks Massage Sessions 60-90mins

  • Astro-herbal & Astrology Readings: Full Chart, Saturn Return & Follow-up

*I will be posting in detail about how to access these offerings & pricing within the next few months - stay tuned via our IG as well as through our email newsletter!

Another major announcement! I am about to begin a yearlong 'Alchemical Herbalism' education program with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. After taking one of their workshops on Alchemical Herbalism & learning about the process Spagyrics, I embarked upon the task of crafting my first Spagyric medicine, inspired by Sajah Popham! You can find more about that process and access to that medicine, in my next blog post - stay tuned, it's an incredibly potent share!

You did not see a reflection on this past Scorpio New Moon cycle, due to the nature of being in the midst of travel - but to take a little creative twist on what we normally do, it feels appropriate to share a little tidbit about how the lessons came forth and are being integrated. You'll find more about this in the last section of this blog post! Enjoy!

Taurus: The Bull | Grounded, Resourceful & Consistent Energy

This full moon period is sure to feel intense, but in a way that is nourishing in nature, both inherently and especially when compared to the last moon cycles lessons! It will be smoother for those who have integrated the lessons from the last cycle, as well. The intensity during this cycle comes from the Lunar Eclipse at the outset - November 19th, at 4am EST. And to keep it short and sweet, this lunar eclipse brings a powerful emphasis on evolving relationships - you can have your dream, if you allow the process to unfold! If you allow your relationships to evolve into their fuller forms - this starts within you, and then reflects within all outside of you!

The energies of this full moon encompass a grounded, luxurious and earthly feel. Taurus represents the abundance of nature, natural beauty, the earth, food - all things of a grounded nature, with a Venusian influence. This means comfort, love, stability and that being found through these mediums. It is an important time to notice how these themes are influenced within the broader lens - how are resources, finances, food, weather and sensuality influenced during this next cycles phase? This is important to reflect upon, both in ones own life as well as in the collective.

Image by Tulsi | Desert Path guarded by the Rose Bull, lit by Amber lanterns, Sage bushes & Ashwaghanda's plant spirit Ally

Element | Earth Mode | Fixed Guardian Planet | Venus Direction | East, North

Season | Spring, Winter Solar Gemstone | Amber

Body Systems Associated with Taurus | Throat, neck, vocal cords, thyroid, salivary glands, tastebuds, lower teeth, voice & middle ear. Cervical nerves of the blood vessels, bladder, and base of the skull

Common Imbalances | Sore/dry throat and cough, thyroid conditions, vocal/larynx conditions, tonsillitis, slow digestion, excess weight and weakened metabolism. Issues with inner ears, excess mucus in upper respiratory, persistent and chronic conditions. There is a general tendency towards being melancholic, resistance to change, stubbornness that is ungrounded, and avoidance of conflict/reflecting upon emotions

Taurean Herbs to Restore Balance | Sage, Mugwort, Nettles, Thyme, Rose, Plantain, Gingko, Burdock, Ashwaghanda and Rosemary

Herbal Remedy Offering | We have available, an Ashwaghanda tincture made on the 2021 Leo New Moon, steeped in Organic VT made Vodka. We also have a Mugwort tincture, a Tulsi Rose Glycerite & a Nettle powder available. Reach out if any of these sound in alignment for you!

Flower Essences | Gentian, Willow and Aspen

Wellness Practices for Taurus' & Those with Taurus Dominant Charts

  • Whole food meals, eating mindfully

  • Setting intentions for stability long-term

  • Artistic and music related rituals

  • Indulging in pleasures of the senses in a balanced way

  • Expressing body-positive sensuality

If you feel that you can incorporate even just one of these suggestions into your daily routine over this next moon phase, please do yourself the favor! You will find much more ease, I promise!

Scorpio New Moon Reflections: Litany against fear & inner work

Before I share the reflection on my own personal navigation through this past cycle, it feels poignant to share that one major aspect of the Scorpio New Moon that resonated so loudly it could not be missed, is the deeply resounding meaning of the term 'Litany Against Fear'. I had the honor of viewing the film 'Dune' just one day before departing for my venture - and then the day of, listened to the podcast episode 'Litany Against Fear' by my favorite, the Know Thyself podcast. In short, the power of one's mind to impact the story we are living collectively, and the deep importance that this wisdom holds now during these times, is grander than I could have imagined. It was through my travels that this concept became clearer and louder than ever. I encourage anyone who feels compelled, to both go see this film & listen to this podcast episode to understand this more deeply - for your own evolution, and for the evolution of humanity (see links above).

The Scorpio New Moon cycle was a gateway to looking ones shadows and fears directly in the eye, and facing them head on. During my travels, I was presented with many moments within which I was forced to look at deeper aspects of my psyche, of my view of the world and of my learned patterns of response to conflict, speaking to my truth/needs, and setting firm boundaries. Before setting out on this journey, I contemplated the reality that I would be traveling during not only the thick of the Scorpio season and Scorpio New Moon, but also the thinning of the veil throughout Halloween & Dia De Los Muertos. Is there a better time to intimately tango with ones shadows and overcome them? I was not sure, but I am certain of it now, as I am stepping into the version of myself that will hold on to and embody this wisdom.

Image by Tulsi | Scorpio New Moon, Phoenix Rising from the dunes. Desert Saguaro's with Red Jasper treasures elusive scorpion, dream portal

In my travels to Oregon and Arizona, I went through a painful form of initiation - an initiation of deepening inward, to seeing through the external illusion - in to listening to my own guidance, of trusting my intuition and of speaking proudly - my firm 'no', to those who were asking me to say yes to things that do not resonate for me and my journey. I learned that true respect in friendship, even those that are long-lasting, is not inherent - this is something that is shown through action. I am so deeply grateful for the opportunities and reminders that were presented, to show me the depth of who I am, what I have to offer and what I will not accept of those who I allow close to me in my life.

This may all sound hard - and in ways it was - but WHAT a divine blessing. I feel so honored to have made the appropriate choices for my self to thrive internally long-term, in a way that is respectful to myself. I also learned that sometimes others are so caught up in what they desire, and their own needs, that they cannot see the harm that they cause in self-serving behavior - and I am grateful for that perspective, too. All of this said with no judgement, merely discernment on what is right and is not right for me, personally.

And with all of that said, I am feeling that I learned the depths of Scorpios lessons through these challenges - which is something that I cannot said I have stood up to the last times around through this signs challenges. It has been quite an adventure, and I am happy to be on the other side, in a place of reverence for the depths traversed. I hope and wish the same for each one of you - and am happy to share all of this, with the intent to provide a little forecast, insight and guidance to easier, smoother and more graceful navigations for all! Until next time,

With Love


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