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Summer Skin & Wellness Care

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

At Moon Rise Botanicals, we believe that your skin care routine is just as important as your relationship to what you eat. We consider our products for skin care, to be like food for your skin. As we have mentioned previously, the skin is the largest organ of the body and the key barrier to bacteria and viruses entering the body. If there is a break in that barrier (ex. cracked skin, wounds, etc.) then the well-being of that barrier is compromised - this is where we come in! The overall health of your skin is also dependent on many factors, from what you eat and your lifestyle, to your environmental exposures and the strength of your immune system.

One key way to treat your skin, is to feed it the nutrients, minerals and oils that help to maintain a healthy barrier, and to treat any skin conditions that need root-level treatment. Skin issues aside, we need to nourish and nurture our skin as we would any other part of our body - more importantly, it is a great place to start when approaching underlying health issues, to get your skin biome in check.

We have helped folks with severe eczema, psoriasis and acne, to achieve a level of wellness for their skin barrier that they hadn't experienced since childhood. This is possible, because we have several approaches to these types of issues, as well as a comprehensive general approach to maintaining healthy skin. Do you suffer from acute or chronic skin issues? If so, you can contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and we will be happy to formulate a blend custom to your specific needs.

We believe the keys to creating truly clean & well-rounded skin products are:

Simplicity: keeping the number of ingredients to a minimum & specific, to target either the issue at hand or maintenance of health

Quality Control: through small batches, ensures that the products are as fresh as can be & made at the highest quality possible

Organic, Natural & Local: ingredients, always*

*(oils/body butters are always crafted with organic ingredients, but not local - herbs infused and beeswax are always local)

S U M M E R of Skin Wellness

We have made two new products for the summer that are already receiving amazing reviews! Our 'Aloe CBD 500mg After Sun Care Cream' is a luxurious skin cream, that has a silky smooth texture and a delicious scent. It is best for sun exposure and general skin-wellness, while also targeting aching muscles and joints. Several friends of mine who work daily out in the sun doing physical farm labor have tried it and are very happy with the results:

"Your Aloe CBD 500mg After Sun Care Balm makes my skin shine, feels silky smooth & smells delicious like mint chocolate! It's healed my sunburn & eliminates muscle pain. I love it!"

- Anonymous

The second release, is a 'Cooling Mocha Mint 1000mg Balm'. This balm is perfect for acute or chronic body discomfort or joint/muscle issues. It is cooling during the hot summer months.

Both of these products - as well as a few other customer favorites - are currently on sale for 10% off of their usual cost, as a way to say thank you to those who have become regular customers of MRB, helping this woman-owned small business project succeeds! To order and receive the discount, visit our shop & see our SALE page for either of these new products in our skin care line.

We're full of gratitude for the opportunities to continue providing the local community - while welcoming the web to grow outward - with high-quality herbal products, specifically made for alternative & preventative holistic wellness. Stay tuned for another blog post, with detailed information about each herbal remedy, as we release our new products over the following moon cycles.

We will be releasing several other new products on the Aquarius Full Moon on July 24th: Flower Essences, as well as a whole new line on the Leo New Moon August 8th: body oils, glycerites & a new 'Brain Health' tincture

Until then & with Love,


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