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Seeds of Mindful Transformation: Libra Full Moon

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Lovely folks, I am excited to share with you a longing that I hold dear to my heart. A longing that I know runs as a thread through our human nature. This longing is for a strong thread of connection, through trust and mindfulness, in all of my relations. It has become clear to me, that this must be found within to be experienced externally.

This longing drives all that I choose to do in my life - it is the force behind every action that I take, consciously. I desire to experience a deepening union with my own internal process, one that is based in love and nurturance. I can see clearly, how this influences and touches those who I meet - both the ones I hold dear to my heart, and the ones that I only know from a distance, or a momentary interaction.

My intention in sharing herbal remedies with the world, is to be a catalyst for transformation. The purpose of transformation, being to assist an individuals process while enhancing ones experience of true wellness. This can be attained, and equally as important, is the capacity to adapt to change throughout ones life experience. It has taken many moments in my own life, of feeling unwell and unsure of how to handle the circumstances, emotions and relationships that life was presenting me, to realize the power that I hold. My hands, the energy and

essence of my being and the wisdom which I have attained about the transformative capacity of plants, and in turn, about the body. These are my tools for transformation, in conjunction with the power of plants. Through my own deep, inner transformation, I have found this longing to be in a continuous relationship to living in a way that is more fully embodied. It is an honor to be able to step into this aspect of my offerings, and I am grateful to be received with such love. I am currently taking part in a giveaway with five other women owned small-businesses, based in Vermont. In this giveaway, I am sharing an adaptogenic CBD oil made of Tulsi & Ashwagandha, as well as my 'Gentle Warrior: Heart Healing' flower essence blend. I am grateful to have been able to come together with other medicine women, to bring our offerings forth collectively to share during this challenging time. Both adaptogens and flower essences have played a major role in my capacity to practice self-care, and do my deeper inner work, and it is my hope that sharing my offerings will help another to do the same.

This giveaway has influenced me to reflect on the simplicity of spring, and of mindfulness. When I contemplate each person impacted by this offering, I am reminded that our lives are a compilation of moments - a story built from many experiences - some desired, some fated. We have many choices to make, some of which feel that the impact will prove to be long-lasting. With this in mind, I have cultivated a natural approach to health and a way of living. This approach is grounded in earth based practices, earth based medicinals and heart centered communications. I intertwine my knowledge of the weather of astrology, with my knowledge of herbal remedies on a biological level - the energetic influence of the cycles on the elements, is an integral part of my medicine making processes. This allows for a deeply rooted relationship to the plants to be formed. To understand why, simply put: the effect that energy has on the elements is in flux, and - each planet, the sun, and the moon - the way that they move, along with their unique energetic qualities, impacts the way that plants work with the innate wisdom of the human body, to heal on a foundational level.

Today, we are under the influence of the Libra Full Moon. Libra is the sign of balance and justice. This full moon brings in the energy of cultivating balance between the needs of the self, and the other. This is a lifelong journey, of course - but at this time, as the Moon is shining

on and amplifying the qualities of Libra, we can be sure that our relational experiences will reflect a bit of this need for boundaries, while also sharing oneself with the world. As Sajah Popham shares in his most recent podcast 'The Plant Path', "The job of the herbalist is to be a bridge between the botanical world and the human kingdom". This is my calling, as it has been shown to me that the more I dedicate myself to this work, the more I receive what I need and what is meant for my own healing and growth, while assisting others to do the same.

I have been learning about this incredible aspect of herbalism, from teachings by Sajah Popham, founder of 'The School of Evolutionary Herbalism', where astrology and herbalism are understood to be synergistic tools to heal and understand health. To share this aspect of my work with the world, feels to be a major blessing, as it is such a powerful tool for transformation. I am focusing my time, energy and love in the direction of sharing this knowledge. I will continue to do this, through the medium of this blog and social media - through education and guidance, with the pieces of wisdom that I gather along the way on my journey. If you are interested in getting deeper into the realm of astrological herbalism, stay tuned for my next post. I will share a bit about how the quality and energetic influence that a Libra full moon has on a plant preparation crafted during this cycle (moon phase), will impact the effect that it has on the body. I will also share which plants have libran qualities, to give a more well-rounded view of how astrology is tied into herbalism.

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