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Pisces Full Moon: Dissolution of Division, Intuitive Receptivity & Adaptability

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

This Full Moon in Pisces has a dreamy energy to it - it is an amazing time to tap into, write down & reflect on your actual dreams, your dreams for your life and your dream world. Which dreams do you wish to manifest into reality? What does that look like, smell like, feel like? What messages are coming through your dreams that you need to listen to? The energy of Pisces is deeply spiritual, intuitive and sensitive. You may notice that you feel more sensitivity at this time, which is conducive to connecting with the more subtle energy frequencies of nature and your body. To be in tune with your emotions at this time, will allow you to release anything that may be stuck from the past cycle of the Moon in Virgo, making space for the seeds you planted at that time to take root. The Sun is also in Virgo at this time, a helpful influence for finding practical order in our lives. These two working together can really assist us in finding a true balance between our material and spiritual worlds.

During this Pisces full moon, we also have a trine between Mercury and Jupiter. This is a very powerful aspect, as it can bring in good luck, good news and overall generosity. After a cycle heavily focused on ancestral trauma, this will be welcomed as a lovely reprieve. The influence of Pluto within this moon cycle adds an influence of strong potential for deeply regenerative and renewing energies to transform any stagnant energies within the body and psyche. This will allow for a more empowered and embodied state of being to be achieved - a reclamation of one's power is what is being called for at this time. Naturally, we are in a time of transition and contemplation as we shift into the Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd of September. Surrendering to the flow is the best medicine at this time, through the path of least resistance. Pisces energies will make it easier than usual to do so, as it is fluid and cohesive.

Pisces: The Two Fish | Psychic, Intuitive & Compassionate

Pisces is naturally imbued with the the qualities and wisdom of mysticism, empathy, psychic dreaming, receptivity, intuition, adaptability and unselfish humility

Element: Water | Mode: Mutable | Guardian Planet: Jupiter (traditional), Neptune (modern) | Direction: East | Season: Spring | Solar Gemstone: Amethyst

Body Systems Associated with Pisces: Feet/toes, abdomen and pineal gland. Lymphatic and endocrine systems; ability for these tissues/systems to relax. Bodily fluids (synovial, blood, mucus) and the respiratory system

Common Imbalances: Cold/moist imbalances; flu, colds, excess mucus/discharge. Auto-immune issues, fungal/viral loads and environmental/chemical sensitivities. Low vitality, chronic fatigue and generally sickly constitution. Lymphatic/endocrine/glandular swelling and diseases. All issues involving the feet/nails. Disordered eating, emotionally driven; psychic illness, delusion, heightened psychic sensitivity, depression, lack of fait

Pisces Herbs to Restore Balance: Pine, Willow, Elder, Sage, Myrrh, Dandelion, Burdock, Cleavers, Nettles, Milky Oats, Angelica, California Poppy, Passionflower, Lavender, Chicory, Maca, Reishi, Mullein, Irish Moss, Chlorella, Bladderwrack, and Rainbow Kelp

Herbal Remedy Offering: Adaptogen tinctures (Reishi and Maca), Warming tincture (Pine), Immunomodulating and Stimulating tinctures (Cleavers, Nettles, Milky Oats), Flower Essences (Pine, Yarrow)

Flower Essences: Clematis, Pine, & Yarrow

Wellness Practices for Pisces:

  • Cleansing and release work in water (ocean, river, bath)

  • Development psychically

  • Exploring past life work

  • Mediation/reconciliation

Intuition & Psychic Capacity:: Plant Allies

Being able to stay in tune with one's intuition and if one has psychic capacities, to be able to harness and utilize them, are two very powerful ways to follow one's inner compass. From experience, intuition is innate and is like using any muscle in the physical body - it needs to be exercised, as well as listened to clearly. To utilize this gift, is to navigate through the world from one's center. This connection allows for a direct inner dialogue with creator. I have personally experienced when in tune with my intuition, a greater sense of clarity about the direction to take within my life, a deepening in my understanding of my souls purpose in the world and a more aligned connection with great spirit (God, in whatever form that takes for you).

My knowledge about intuition comes from direct life experiences, as well as studying indigenous spirituality for nearly a decade. I find most resonance with my Cherokee ancestry, and Hawaiian spiritual practices. These are Earth based spiritual practices, honoring the natural cycles of life, the elements, and right relationship with all of life. Great spirit represents the one source that created all of life - the same concept as is in all 'religions', excluding the colonized aspects of modern religions that condone division, separatism, suppression and war. Astrology aligns with this in the sense that it is a practice - another compass, if you will - that is in alignment with the elements and natural cycles. To be able to cultivate a relationship with one's intuition (or psychic capacity, it that is one of your gifts), is truly powerful and allows one to maintain an active relationship with one's dreams, one's higher self and fills the void that spiritual hunger/lack of community/purpose can create in us all.

There are a handful of amazing plant allies that can be utilized during this time, and in general, to tune into these subtler energies, through the body, mind and dreamtime. One can use mugwort, under the pillow while sleeping, taken orally via tincture/glycerite or through a smoking blend, to strengthen their intuitive wisdom and/or for lucid dreaming. A few other lovely plants that have a similar effect are Kava, Blue Lotus Flower, Yarrow, Borage, Peppermint, Chamomile. These plants are powerful to use in a sachet under the pillow for dreamtime.

For this Pisces Full Moon, we are happy to offer 10% off of any one of the 'Herbal Remedy Offerings': Adaptogen tinctures (Reishi and Maca), Warming tincture (Pine), Immunomodulating and Stimulating tinctures (Cleavers, Nettles, Milky Oats), Flower Essences (Pine, Yarrow), as well as either a Mugwort tincture or body oil. You can receive this discount by sending an email to with the request of your specific tincture, body oil, or flower essence, and mention of the coupon code 'Piscesmoon2021'.

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