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Moon Cycles: June Eclipse Season

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

As a lover of plants & astrology, I am happy to reflect on the significance of the potent

energies that are presenting the opportunity for growth at this time. We are moving through some major shifts, one of the most potent being the Eclipses of 2021. These eclipses are assisting us with letting go - with releasing and healing old karmic patterns, illuminated by the Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius which occurred in May. This process is meant to ready us to step onto the path that is destined for each of us, illuminated by the North Node. This was activated by the Solar eclipse & New Moon in Gemini on June 10th.

What does this mean? Transformation, at the deepest level. All aspects of ones life changing, until proper alignment is found. This is for the individual, and for the collective. Upon the approach of these eclipses, I spent some time reflecting on what I need, what I won't tolerate, and what desire for my life path. I have found that getting very clear on these 3 key areas of my envisioning must be as important as any other part of my life - maybe even more important. All of what I do, will stem from those realizations, when I am living in alignment with my truth. There are some core life questions that I have been perpetually revisiting in my life, to realign with my truth & to stay in tune with my inner knowing.

How do you show up for yourself?

How do you show up for others?

Is your work in alignment with your purpose?

While these can be challenging questions to answer, it is possible to look at them with a form of gentle curiosity. If we are able to look at these questions, and answer them honestly, we will have a pretty good chance of making the necessary changes to find true happiness. This process must happen internally, which will then reflect externally. A big life lesson for me within this process, has been acceptance and surrendering to the flow. How do I show up for myself? Over the years I have learned that the more I shower myself

with love - in the form of herbal support, many baths, exercise, yoga, meditation, soothing

music, healthy meals, nature connection, art, crafting, therapy for my mind and body - the more I can show up for my life. This in turn, allows me to show up for others.

How do I show up for others? When I am taking good care, I show up fully - in the best ways that I know how. With flowers, with homemade food, with love. When I am not taking good care, I don't show up, because I can't. Or I show up halfheartedly because it is all i've got in me. This is where the work comes in, to recognize the patterns that bring us to this place and get unstuck.

Is my work in alignment with my purpose? Yes - some of it is. I am a skilled individual, in many areas. My interests range from leatherwork, jewelry crafting, and writing music, to herbalism, massage/energy work, gardening and homesteading. I have yet to find a way where I can do all of these things successfully. So my work is not yet, always in alignment with my purpose. But the more time I spend doing work that is not, the more I am shown that I have to shift to move into the work that I am meant to be offering to the world.

The best way that I can show up for myself, for others & to shift my purpose into my work in the world, is by offering herbal remedies and alternative wellness guidance. I want you to

know, that we're here for you - we want to show up for community by offering in what ways we can, the abundance that we have. I will continue to offer herbal remedies by donation, on a sliding scale of $0 to $15 | The array of medicines available are potent to assist with life transitions, minor health issues & support for the immune system. If you are needing support, send an email to - we can pinpoint an herb of choice for you, discuss your needs or focus on some lifestyle changes to get you into the alignment that will best serve you at this time. This offer will extend until the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 24th, while another sweet offering is being cultivated for the Summer Solstice approaching on June 21st. It is with deep gratitude that I have the space to share the plant wisdom that I have been in direct relationship with over the years, and to assist others in moving forward towards a deeper sense of wholeness.

With Love, Tulsi

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