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Gemini Full Moon: Priorities, Communication & Transparency

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Welcoming the energy of the Gemini Full Moon, we can anticipate an array of shifts coming up as this cycle unfolds. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, meaning its energies are expressed through the planet mercury's elemental influence. Mercury is known as the planet of communication - anything in our lives involving communication (which is nearly everything) will be impacted by this cycle more heavily than usual. Gemini has an interesting flavor, being an air sign that represents the intellect - it is associated with mystery, and the boundary between truth and illusion.

There are several other intense influences going on during this cycle. The first, is Venus (the planet of love, beauty and comfort) turning retrograde in relationship with Pluto (the sign of death, rebirth and transformation) in Sagittarius (the sign of truth, and all things philosophical/mystical), after being aspected to Capricorn (the sign of discipline and structure). This transition can bring about big changes within the areas of our lives that involve power, finances and love. The best approach when situations arise that challenge us in these ways - either to grow or to change - is to speak clearly, truthfully and neutrally. The healing in our lives and relationships, will come when we are willing to own and acknowledge our part in things. Another important thing to remember during this cycle, is to accept others as they are - to not communicate in a way that makes them feel that they need to be different.

Gemini: the two faces | Communication, Intellect & Articulating Mystery

Image by Tulsi | The path of the Jacaranda in Spring time, lead by the Gemini Twins. Agate lights the path of destiny, influenced by Mercury & herbal allies of Valerian & California Poppy

Element: Air | Mode: Mutable | Guardian Planet: Mercury | Direction: East

Season: Spring | Solar Gemstone: Agate

We have been sharing with each Moon Cycle - both New & Full - the qualities, associations and herbal allies for the cycle. You can use this information to find balance for yourself, reflecting upon where you may have imbalance, integrate the information and implement change through conscious action, to balance oneself out during and beyond the cycle. The idea in short, is that each cycle has energetic qualities to it that infuse the time frame that is unfolding within each sign, carrying different elemental effects. We share both herbal solutions, and action oriented healing practices that will aid in restoring alignment.

This information applies to both Gemini sun signs, but also to others. Some may find that (if imbalanced) they REALLY need the recommended guidance. It may be more dominant for some than others, depending on where Gemini falls in your chart, what it is aspecting and how dominant of a force it is for you as an individual. Enjoy!

Body Systems Associated with Gemini: The Nervous System, sensory receptors, fallopian/urinary/bronchial tubes, and blood capillaries. The lungs and breathing capacity. The fingers/hands, arms/shoulders and nerves

Common Imbalances: Chronic asthma/fatigue and bronchial issues; difficulty breathing. Nervous system disorders; sensory, damage to sensory receptors, pinched nerves. Issues/injuries with the shoulders/wrists; carpal tunnel, as well as the hands/fingers. Hearing/speech disorders. UTI's, high blood pressure, epilepsy, and damaged eyesight. Dishonesty/lying, manipulation, addiction, depression, lack of inspiration and social anxiety.

Gemini Herbs to Restore Balance: Skullcap, Valerian, California Poppy, Catnip, Oats, Burdock, Ginkgo, Peppermint and Sage

Herbal Remedy Offering: Tonifying; milky oats tincture

*If this remedy offering in our stock (Milky Oats) calls to you as a Gemini &/or someone with Gemini imbalances (listed above), reach out via email and we can offer you a 25% discount

Flower Essences: Jacaranda, Milkweed and Cerato

Wellness Practices for Gemini

  • Confidence in communication, specifically surrounding emotions and ideals

  • Cultivating a spiritual practice, and physically/emotionally releasing/letting go

  • Cultivating inspiration

Empowered Expression & Shadowed Expression

Empowered aspects of Gemini: Clear communication, truth, realistic, pragmatic

Shadowed aspects of Gemini: Deception, dishonesty, manipulation and lack of transparency

How do you speak to yourself? Your relations?

In what ways are you dishonest with yourself? Others?

In what ways can you bring clarity within yourself, and in relationships?

Try to witness how the answers to these questions make you feel in your body and heart - following that thread will lead you to the answers that will best serve you at this time. The mind will chime in, but remember what feels most true for the other parts of your self.

With Love


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