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Eros Day: The Capacity & Power of The Rose

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Today, we celebrate the capacity & power of the Rose. A flower of divine beauty, of deep reverence for love & for the need to respect boundaries. We hold gratitude for its powerful offerings, reminding us to release pain, to flow with the cycles of joy and grief in this life.

To celebrate this gift, we are offering a sliding scale price for our ‘Gentle Warrior Essence’. This is a flower essence blend that contains Pink Rose, Lilac, Violet, Yarrow, and White/Pink Bleeding Hearts. This blend is a plant spirit remedy, which gently assists with the process of navigating major life change, loss of a loved one, and developing a dedication to self love through the adversity present in our current world. The wisdom is guidance to build a new our world together, into a new form.

We are happy to share this specific remedy during this powerful time, to honor this day of Eros, the Aquarius New Moon & the Aquarius Stellium. The medicine of major transformative justice shifts, globally & collectively. May we stand together, firm in love & unity for all walks of life. To honor Valentines Day we will offer it from $7-14 til the end of February - if you know someone who could use this but can’t afford, please reach out or send them my way Send a dm to order

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