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Eros & Agape Love: The Meaning of Life

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate those of which whom you love - both Eros & Agape loves. Romantic, and selfless. The history of chocolate being associated with love goes back to the Aztec peoples - no wonder it is such a beloved source of comfort, having such strong, old roots. Being an aphrodisiac, chocolate stimulates the desire for love while also satiating the taste buds and simply making you feel good!

We understand that this Valentines Day will be a bit different than most - some of us cannot be with our loved ones, and some are processing grief at this time. We believe that bringing the magic of herbal remedies into ones body & life is a powerful way to re-enliven the spirit of love, joy & well-being. Lets re-awaken desires, associated with love - love for self, love for other & love for life.

We desire to bring this love into your life by offering a new product to our line. We are now offering Rose & CBD infused chocolates. All of our products are made in small batches, bringing you the highest quality products while always using only organic ingredients. The chocolates are made-to-order, meaning each order we receive is a fresh batch made just for you - and we want to keep it this way. They are naturally dark, vegan & friendly to stricter diets, as we use coconut oil & VT maple syrup as our key ingredients. Small and local is our goal, to keep our products not only accessible but also sustainably crafted. We look forward to serving you up some truly raw chocolates as a celebration of love this year.

You can order either through our website or via email. If you desire a custom order, send us a message:


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