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Capricorn New Moon: Reflection, Initiation & Rooting Down

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

We're sending out a warm greeting to all of you lovely beings, as we settle in to the New Year. We hope that you all have had a lovely holiday season, and are excited to wish you a Happy Capricorn New Moon phase!

We want to let you know everything that we can about this moon phase. It began on January 3rd, and spans until the 17th, when we see the moon become full in the watery, emotionally oriented sign of Cancer. It is important to note, that Venus has been retrograde - this means that all things love, romance and comfort, have been slowed down. If you feel a pause, a disconnect or lonely, there is a good reason for that. It is a perfect time to go inward, recognize what it is that you truly need, and focus on how to be prepared for when Venus moves back into forward motion within the sky. In addition to Venus being retrograde, Mercury will join it on the 14th (just 3 days before the Cancer Full Moon).

This moon phase is bringing a wave of energy conducive to reflection, leading to initiations. This is also a moon that has the propensity to impact many moons to come. The capacity of support for growth of a new world this year coming from these energies is big, and imbued with steadiness - firm foundations can be created now, if authenticity is at the forefront of the picture. Capricorn is also ruled by Earth, which tends to bring the potential for powerful manifestation.

Capricorn: The Sea Goat | Grounded, Accountable & Dependable

Capricorn is a particularly unique sign in terms of its appearance, as well as its energetic effects in the realm of astrological weather. Being the 'Sea Goat', this creature represents the capacity to climb the highest mountains, while also traversing the deepest depths of the ocean. We can anticipate that the agility and ambition we will feel during this cycle, will be prominent. At this time, the sign of Capricorn is bringing forth a focus on fatherly (masculine energy) strength, restriction and boundaries (the influence of Saturn, Capricorns ruling planet.

Image by Tulsi | The Sapphire Sea Goat, creature of the land & sea, finding balance amidst the tides. Supported by Cayenne & Mullein, its herbal allies, balancing on Lapis Lazuli & influenced by the energies of Saturn

Element | Earth Mode | Cardinal Guardian Planet | Saturn

Direction | North Season | Winter Gemstone | Lapis Lazuli

As Capricorn is positioned in opposition to Cancer (think motherly, nurturing, comforting), those of us who relate more with the moons fluidity and emotional nature, will be particularly challenged throughout this time. The key here is to stay focused, while also rolling with the punches, so to speak. A supportive stream of energy will be flowing from the planet Uranus (yer | aw | nis), encouraging us to lift and self-composed restrictions that hold us back from achieving our deepest desires, and dream life. This is getting down to the daily, self-limiting belief patterns, influenced by generational trauma, energies and patterns.

There has been long-running energy caused by a Saturn-Uranus square which has been playing out since early 2020. This Capricorn New Moon will accentuate and highlight this square, again. This energy is essentially about freedom vs. control. We have witnessed this energy manifesting on a global level, through the pandemic. It is likely that we have been, and will be feeling it in our personal lives more distinctly during this phase, as well. Luckily, we can trust that the astrology of 2022 has the pendulum leaning towards the prevailing of greater autonomy and personal freedom, as we navigate moving through and beyond the current global predicament. The key here, is to maintain compassion and care for other individuals unique experiences with the pandemic, upholding boundaries for oneself and others simultaneously.

We are also more than happy to share in detail, how you can best care for yourself during this time. See below, the correspondences between the body, the current astrology & self-care herbs, practices and areas of focus for this moon phase.

*This information applies to you, whether or not you are a Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising. We are all effected by the energies of Capricorn, as well as each of the other zodiac signs. Those who are dominant in any of those areas will be more deeply impacted - as well as those who have strong placements/aspects of other planets in Capricorn, within their chart.

Body Systems Associated with Capricorn: Gall bladder, bones, teeth, skin, the skeletal system, joints (the knees). Anterior pituitary gland. Regulation of body systems (hormonal system). Processing and maintaining energy reserves

Common Imbalances: Excess Issues with bones; breaks, fractures and brittleness. Joint injuries; damage, strains, pain. Dryness, cold, constriction. Tooth/dental issues, lack of Calcium absorption, and skin issues. Digestion issues; slowed down, wasting disease. Depression, body conscious issues, rigidity and restrictiveness

Herbal Remedy Offering: Digestive tonics; bitters, liver and gall bladder tonics. Cleansers that are nutritive, warming, and oily in nature

Capricorn Herbs to Restore Balance: Thyme, Cayenne, Mullein, Comfrey, Plantain, Wintergreen, Horsetail, Goatweed, Boneset, Yarrow, Amla, Goat’s Rue, Shepherd’s Purse, Ginger, Solomon Seal, Oats, Licorice & Lemon Balm

Flower + Gem Essences: Sunflower, Larch, Birch, Elm, Garnet, Agate, Turquoise

Wellness Practices for Capricorn:

  • Learning healing rites for long-term and chronic illnesses

  • Web-weaving; seeking support, community, and security

  • Making requests for accountability

  • Focusing on desires for career, long-term goals and ambitions

  • Herbal blessing rituals, home blessings and grounding rites

Empowered Expression


Shadowed Expression

Empowered aspects of Capricorn

Ambition, agility & accountability/discipline

Shadowed aspects of Capricorn

Rigidity, control & concern with outward appearance/image

How do you show up for yourself? Your relations?

In what ways are you accountable for yourself? Others?

In what ways can you bring more flow into your life, and into your relationships?

Try to witness how the answers to these questions make you feel in your body and heart - following that thread will lead you to the answers that will best serve you at this time. The mind will chime in, but remember what feels most true for the other parts of your self.

With Love


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