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Aquarius New Moon & Imbolc

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

We hope you had a lovely Aquarian New Moon on Monday (31st) and have had time to set some intentions for the coming season ~ Spring is only six weeks away (44 days to be exact), and we are creating visions for the future, as we imagine what we want this coming year to hold. We are SO excited to announce our Valentine's Day offering & the collaborations that are lining up for this coming Spring. We will make several announcements soon, so stay tuned for our newsletters! (You can sign up via our home page; bottom right corner).

Back to our focus on Aquarius ~ this New Moons energy is all about clearing out the old - both clutter physically, and mentally, to create space for stillness. Clearing the mind of limited beliefs and doubt, to expand awareness into a more abundant mindset for new perspectives to be possible, is a key aspect of what can be achieved from the energies coming forth with this new moon cycle. Bigger brighter horizons, with new opportunities, will be supported by the harmonious alignment between Uranus and Jupiter. Uranus is the planet of awakening, and Jupiter carries expansive/lucky energies - these signify that the general energies that will be available during the entire month of February are conducive to growth, progress and forward momentum in our endeavors.

Another place to lend some attention to during this moon cycle, will be the influence of Saturn. There is opportunity for growth and success, but through hard lessons. Challenges and obstacles could arrive with this New Moon, and simultaneously we will be provided the stamina to move through. And on the other side of it, Saturn leaves rewards when it brings forth lessons to our lives that we take the time to learn. Taking charge of this energy and using it to persevere is the best choice. Making long-term commitments, now that both Venus and Mercury have stationed direct, will be fully supported. It is the perfect time to get clear on what you want and need, what you need to do to get there and holding trust in the process.

Below, you will find a depth of information about the sign of Aquarius, how you or others could be effected in your body and life, as well as the plants, planets and energies that are most resonant for this period of time. We are happy to offer you a 50% discount during this moon phase as a gift to the collective. If any of the remedy offerings in our listing below calls to you as an Aquarius &/or someone with Aquarian imbalances, reach out either via email or IG: @moonrisebotanicals (See more details below on remedy offerings)

Aquarius: the Water bearer | intuition, Philanthropic evolution & Universal Reformation

Image by Tulsi | The Aquarian Water Bearer finds balance with Saturn & Uranus, above the late winter landscape. They are protected by herbal allies Cacao & Jasmine. The path is illumined by Angelite, bringing true balacne.

Element: Air | Mode: Fixed | Guardian Planet: Saturn (traditional), Uranus (modern)

Direction: Northeast | Season: Late Winter | Solar Gemstone: Angelite

We have been sharing with each Moon Cycle - both New & Full - the qualities, associations and herbal allies for the cycle. You can use this information to find balance for yourself, reflecting upon where you may have imbalance, integrate the information and implement change through conscious action, to balance oneself out during and beyond the cycle. The idea in short, is that each cycle has energetic qualities to it that infuse the time frame that is unfolding within each sign, carrying different elemental effects. We share both herbal solutions, and action oriented healing practices that will aid in restoring alignment.

This information applies to both Aquarius sun signs, but also to others. Some may find that (if imbalanced) they REALLY need the recommended guidance. It may be more dominant for some than others, depending on where Aquarius falls in your chart, what it is aspecting and how dominant of a force it is for you as an individual. Enjoy!

Body Systems Associated with Aquarius: Lower legs, calves, ankles, shins, achilles tendon, teeth, impulses of the nervous system, circulatory system/elimination, retinas, oxygenation of cells.

Common Imbalances: Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, blood toxicity/stagnation, high-sensitivity nervous system disorders, hypersensitivity/sensory processing disorders, asperger's/autism, adrenaline imbalance, aches/bruises/pains in legs, water retention in legs/ankles, crawling sensation on skin, vision disorders/retinal injuries, ticks/spasms of the limbs, coordination disorders, emotional distancing/disconnection.

Aquarian Herbs to Restore Balance: Comfrey, Myrrh, Jasmine, Lavender, Kava Kava, Cacao, Skullcap, Vervain, Valerian, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Witch Hazel, Linden, Catnip, Fennel, Motherwort, Nettles, Dandelion, Burdock, Willow, Milky Oats

Herbal Remedy Offering: Aphrodisiacs (Cacao), Blood & Heart tonics (Linden & Mugwort), Nervous system tonics: body oil for nervous system/leg issues (St. Johns Wort, Calendula & Mugwort, Rosemary Oil)

We are happy to offer 50% off of our Aphrodisiac Cacao, Heart Tonic: Linden, & Nervous system tonic of Calendula, St. Johns Wort & Mugwort Oil or Rosemary Oil for body oiling, during this moon phase. Email coupon code '50offAquarius' with your remedy of choice & we will take care of you!

Flower Essences: Lemon Balm, Linden & Yarrow

Wellness Practices for Aquarius:

  • Calming & centering activities; taking nervine herbs to support, blood tonics to support circulation, aphrodisiacs to assist connection & love for humanity

  • Learning to invest in others, while nurturing a bigger vision in ones life

  • Transforming ungrounded energies, into innovative actions

  • Embracing emotional maturity; ease in relationships, learning reciprocity

  • Learning to trust; starting with self-trust and branching out in relationships

  • Creating practices to be involved in social change & gatherings

Empowered Expression

& Shadowed Expression

Empowered aspects of Aquarius

Inventive, original and eccentric

Shadowed aspects of Aquarius

Lack of discipline/organization,

emotional disconnection/distancing & avoidant of present

How do you find balance in your life through discipline?

In what ways are you unable to connect with others? Can you open to connect more deeply?

How can you show up with more presence in your life? With others?

In what ways can you bring deeper trust within yourself, and in relationships?

Try to witness how the answers to these questions make you feel in your body and heart - following that thread will lead you to the answers that will best serve you at this time. The mind will chime in, but remember what feels most true for the other parts of your self.

With Love


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