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Aquarius Full Moon: Transforming Perspective

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

This Aquarius full moon has the energy to help amplify change, in the form of a universal revolution. As a zodiacal sign, it carries specific qualities - with the power and energy of the full moon backing these qualities, they can be illuminated and use for the benefit of navigating this changing world, if understood and implemented from a place of balance. Aquarius' most prominent qualities are the capacity to do things differently than the standards in place, in a way that encourages growth and innovation - to see things from a new perspective, with full spectrum thinking. With the added influence of Leos energy as the lions season comes to a close for 2021, there is a strong current of creativity to assist in visions being manifested.

Understanding the energies of each new and full moon, lend to the practice of herbalism, a deeper vein of alchemy. When one can cultivate a medicine making process that utilizes the energies and influence of these cycles, a truly profound formula for healing can be cultivated. As I have reflected upon in past blog posts, 'Astro-herbalism' is a form of synastry between human, plant and planetary elements; ex. the full moons influence on water, and how that influences human mood/body, etc. Below, you will find a reflection on the specifics of Aquarian herbs, imbalances related to this zodiacal signature and how to best support yourself during aquarian new and full moon phases.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer - Intuitive, Philanthropist & Humanitarian

Element: Air

Mode: Fixed

Guardian Planet: Saturn (traditional), Uranus (modern)

Direction: Northeast

Season: Late winter

Body Systems Associated with Aquarius: Lower legs, calves, ankles, shins, achilles tendon, teeth, impulses of the nervous system, circulatory system/elimination, retinas, oxygenation of cells.

Common Imbalances: Varicose beings, hemorrhoids, blood toxicity/stagnation, high-sensitivity nervous system disorders, hypersensitivity/sensory processing disorders, asperger's/autism, adrenaline imbalance, aches/bruises/pains in legs, water retention in legs/ankles, crawling sensation on skin, vision disorders/retinal injuries, ticks/spasms of the limbs, coordination disorders, emotional distancing/disconnection.

Aquarian Herbs to Restore Balance: Linden, Burdock, Milky Oat, Lavender, Skullcap, Valerian, Dandelion, Motherwort, Nettles, Lemon Balm, Willow

Herbal Remedy Offering: Aphrodisiacs (Cacao & Black Currant), Blood tonics/cleanser (He Shou Wu), Heart tonics (Linden, Motherwort, Mugwort), Liver cleanser (Burdock, Nettles), Nervous system tonics (Skullcap, Lavender, Lemon Balm), Body oil for nervous system/leg issues (St. Johns Wort, Calendula & Mugwort).

For this full moon, we are happy to offer 10% off of our herbal Trio Body Oil Blend, a body oil

containing Lavender, a tincture of any one of the tonics, cleansers or the aphrodisiac listed above. You can receive this discount by sending an email to with the request of your specific blend, and mention of the coupon code 'Aquariusmoon2021'.

*The products listed above are not listed on our website yet - except for the 'Trio Body Oil Blend' - so you'll have to request a custom order. Thank you for your patience as we slowly expand and update our product line!

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