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Astrological Herbalism: Libran Herbs & Energies

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Astrology & herbalism are two of my favorite subjects. I have spent the past decade reading, researching and learning about both, in depth - and most recently, about their relationships to one another. There is so much to learn about both subjects, and it can get complex quickly. I feel it is important to share the basics, so that more folks can learn how to utilize this as a compass for navigating shifts in health, relationship & the astrological weather. I just love how 'The Root Circle' states it: Astrology & Herbalism - A Primitive Union. This is an excellent description of how the two are interconnected, as well as how their relationship to one another plays a role in our lives:

"Astrology is an ancient practice and art with roots that stretch into primordial Babylon, Egypt, and Israel, and, although its exact origins are unknown, it has been a consistent source of wisdom and celestial alliance for humans throughout time. It is the predecessor of astronomy with both systems being, at one time, a unified body of knowledge that combined the objective, observable measurement and motions of planetary activity with the subjective study of the emotional, biological, spiritual and social influence they have on the gravity bound energies of the Earth...The concurrent motion of the planets and their influence on universal activities and functions have been studied, observed and documented by some of human history’s greatest scholars, philosopher’s, and scientists with ongoing experiments being conducted based on numerous hypothesis regarding the reflection of astral light, electromagnetic resonance and medical/physical correspondence...Medical astrology, now seen as a specified branch of study, was at one time integrated into all medical doctrine and was long practiced by the physicians of antiquity that founded our current system of allopathic and technological medicine. Herbal medicine and astrology form a harmonious bond that offers a deeply coherent conception of physical, psychological, spiritual and planetary resonance that was well defined and practiced by many western herbalists of the past. The work of English herbalist Nicholas Culpeper( 1616-1654), along with many other Renaissance scholars, provides us with one of the most extensively recorded treatise on planetary-plant-anatomical relationships that is still referred to today by western herbalists.

The study of astrological herbalism is one of complex and interacting systems but a basic understanding can begin by learning the initial relationship of the plants to the planets, the planets to the human organ systems and the planets to the signs of the zodiac"

- Lisa Fazio, The Root Circle

With that sweet little glimpse in mind, I am going to attempt to share about Astroherbalism in a way that will allow one to easily incorporate astrology into the process of developing their approach to personal wellness.

Each zodiacal sign carries specific energies, relative to their ruling planet. The one that we are going to focus upon, is Libra. Libras symbol is the scales and it is the sign of justice & harmony. We just moved through a Libra full moon on the 28th of March. This specific new moons energies were focused in the realm of relationship. I reflected a bit about that in my previous blog post, if you want to read more about that aspect of this most recent moon phase. There are specific herbs that carry 'Libran' qualities, meaning that they are best for the organs of the body associated with Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus (Libra's 'ruling' planet; the planet which has the most influence on that sign). Venus is the planet of love, romance, beauty, the feminine and heart centered relations. The organ system associated with Libra & Venus, is the kidneys and the urinary system. A few herbs which correspond to these systems are Nettles, Plantain, Wild Rose & Burdock. I will just focus on Burdock for now, as it is an incredible cleansing herb, commonly used during Spring time alongside Dandelion (another Liver cleanser). Burdock root is known for its deeply nourishing impact on the kidneys and liver, cleansing and toning in effect. It contains a high amount of antioxidants, helping the liver to detox while simultaneously aiding the kidneys to maintain hormonal balance. It would be great to utilize these herbs during a libran new or full moon, as gentle detoxifiers, or more intensively if one has imbalances in their body associated with these organ systems.

My interest in applying astrology to herbalism, comes in to the timing of the herbal remedy making processes. I nearly always tincture and process my oils corresponding with the New & Full Moon cycles, as well as the Equinoxes & Solstices, throughout the year. When creating an herbal preparation during a specific moon phase, which is the tradition in folk herbalism, there is an alchemy that unfolds. There are specific energies which the moon phase carries (ex. Libran Full Moon; energies influenced by libran qualities), and the herb being transformed into either tincture or oil will be formed by these energies. I like to envision it as an imprint upon the creation, by the energies of the moon and the qualities of libra. If this sounds too ethereal, another way to look at it which helps to put it into a clearer picture, is to imagine the impact that the moon has on the ocean when it is full. The energy and gravity of the moon, influences the way that the water moves - then to contemplate how humans bodies are 89% water; now imagine the influence that the moon has on us. Once you start factoring in the different elements, energies and qualities of the signs, you will find that each moon can effect a different aspect of one's life, associated with the specific astrology of that time. It can truly be a compass and guide, when utilized in relation to herbal preparations, to approaching one's health and wellness needs. This roots the approach in a fundamental relationship to the cycles of nature. I hope that this sharing of insight brings some excitement and inspiration.

I will be sharing more about my practice soon, along with an offering of some powerful herbal remedies at a sliding scale cost of $0-15 (plus shipping), to make the herbs accessible to more folks - this is an aspect of my mission in working with the plants, that I intend to keep in the forefront as my business grows. These herbal singles will be tinctures which I crafted during an Aries Full Moon cycle, and the offering will be launched on this upcoming Aries New Moon on April 11th.

For more information or pre-order, you can email:

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