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Aries Full Moon: Fiery & Passionate Forward Momentum

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Happy Aries Full moon bbs! It is here in full force, ready to provide momentum to the path forward, during a moment of reflection upon the previous cycle - the season of & energies of new moon in the sign of Libra (balance, justice). It is an especially potent time to have the fiery, passionate energy of Aries coming in, as all of the planets that have been in retrograde, have just moved direct - this includes Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto. We are however, still in the Mercury retrograde shadow period, so make sure to take it easy and be aware that things involving communication, technology, vehicles, etc. could still have some slight hiccups moving forward. The big picture here is endings, but within that shifting dynamic there will be a new beginning that is in alignment with ascension - spiritually and physically.

This Full Moon is also heavily influenced by Mars, which is a fiery, aggressive and intense energy. We also have an aspect of Mars squaring Pluto in relation to Libra, making dynamic change for balance, the name of the game this week. What is being shown to us at this full moon, will have a taste of the energies of justice and judgement. While we may feel challenged by confrontation and intensity, it is critical to find the best way forward.

I am sure we can all agree that we are ready for big change and forward momentum, but it will require us to take the discomfort in what arises to actually make the long-lasting change, that of a positive nature. The key here is to look directly at what is coming up & learn the lesson from it - it is safe to say that this is a test of perseverance and faith. Emotions will be closer to the surface, and there will be a lot of energy accessible at this time. Making sure to direct it properly, is the only way to avoid the 'explosive and heated' energies that Aries brings. This will be active over the next week or so, so do your best to stay centered - allow the release of what needs to be let go, to go fully, without fear.

Aries: The Ram | Initiations, courage & Vitality

Aries is the sign of courage, momentum and vitality. Aries energy is associated with passion, initiation and impulsivity from inspiration. It is very important, as we are moving through this time, to ground oneself. The imbalances that can come up within the body are shared below - do your best to get clear on what is present for you in this way, and reach out for the support you need to move through and navigate this time in the best way possible.

Image by Tulsi | The Ram on Mountains of Bloodstone, Hops & Hawthorn, ready to leap down the river to the bridge of change

Element: Fire | Mode: Cardinal | Guardian Planet: Mars | Direction: East

Season: Spring | Solar Gemstone: Bloodstone

We have been sharing with each Moon Cycle - both New & Full - the qualities, associations and herbal allies for the cycle. You can use this information to find balance for yourself, by reflecting upon where you may have imbalance, integrate the information, and implement change through conscious action, to balance oneself out during and beyond the cycle. The idea in short, is that each cycle has energetic qualities to it that infuse the time frame that is unfolding within each sign, carrying different elemental effects. We share both herbal solutions, and action oriented healing practices that will aid in restoring alignment.

This information applies to both Aries sun signs, but also to others. Some may find that (if imbalanced) they REALLY need the recommended guidance. It may be more dominant for some than others, depending on where Aries falls in your chart, what it is aspecting and how dominant of a force it is for you as an individual. Enjoy!

Body Systems Associated with Aries: Forehead, face, nose, mouth, teeth, upper jaw and eyes (optic nerves/lens). The brain; blood vessels, motor centers, frontal/lateral lobes. Cerebra-spinal fluid/system, muscular system.

Common Imbalances: Tendency toward excess heat; fevers, headaches, sore eyes and poor eyesight. Inflammation, dryness and heat; tension headaches. Mental/brain disorders; congestion, memory loss, muscle spasms, epilepsy. Rashes on face, head, ears; emotionally manifest physically. Inflamed acne, skin ruptures, shingles. Tendency toward anger and arrogance. Migraines, muscle spasms of face/head, jaw soreness. Kidney disorders leading to insomnia.

Aries Herbs to Restore Balance: Stimulating herbs to move/release stagnation; Nettles, Ginger, Bearberry, Vitex. Antiparasitic; Wormwood

Herbal Remedy Offering: Astringent and tonifying herbs; Yarrow, Hawthorn & Eucalyptus. Sedative and grounding herbs; Vervain & Hops.

*If any of these remedy offerings in our stock (Yarrow, Hops) call to you as an Aries &/or someone with Aries imbalances (listed above), reach out via email and we can offer you a 25% discount

Flower Essences: Impatiens, Black Eyed Susan, Beech, Wild Oat

Wellness Practices for Aries

  • Stillness; meditation and active listening

  • Channeling of excess energy; high intensity interval training, martial arts, self-defense

  • Cooling; teas, baths

Empowered Expression & Shadowed Expression

The Cosmic Lovers -Artist Unknown

Empowered aspects of Aries: Warriorship, leadership, forward momentum with courage

Shadowed aspects of Aries: Aggression, fights, frustration, lashing out in anger

Aries is ruled by Mars (masculine; sun) - the plant of war. It's complementary opposite, is Libra - ruled by Venus (feminine; moon). Aries tends towards aggression, isolation and division, Libra tends towards harmony, union and balance. To understand how to find joy and wellness in one's experience, it is critical right now to look at these polar opposites, how the past New Moon cycle brought us into direct confrontation of our capacity to balance our empowered and our shadowed expressions. To do this, I would suggest asking yourself some key questions:

How do you create division within yourself? Your relations?

In what ways are you hyper-independent? Co-dependent?

In what ways can you unite, within and in relationships?

Try to witness how the answers to these questions make you feel in your body and heart - following that thread will lead you to the answers that will best serve you at this time. The mind will chime in, but remember what feels most true for the other parts of your self.

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